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About Me

Hi there!

Photography has always been a passion and dream that I have possessed. I constantly fall in love with and get excited about creating something beautiful, capturing a special moment in time, freezing a moment and preserving a memory. I am captivated by the feeling of awe a photo can give through its light, colour and composition. For me, this is created through leaving who or what is in front of the lens in their most natural, real and raw form.

Bronte xx


Choosing Bronte as my formal photographer was one of the best decisions. She was professional and was also able to make me feel very comfortable in front of the camera. Having a person that not only was able to capture the moments perfectly over the night/day but also made it even more enjoyable. Bronte has a talent for capturing the natural beauty of the landscape and colors. I was thrilled with the photo's I received, they were perfect. I could not recommend Bronte highly enough.
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